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    2018年 第四期

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    04 攜手推進新時代中阿戰略伙伴關系 /習近平

    Joining Hands in Advancing China-Arab States Strategic Partnership in the New Era


    07 中國伊斯蘭教協會公益慈善委員會成立會議在貴陽舉行/本刊記者

    China Islamic Association Philanthropic Committee Founding Conference Held in Guiyang

    08 用穆斯林公益善舉助力我國脫貧攻堅戰略/楊發明

    Assist China’s Poverty Alleviation Strategy with Muslims’ Philanthropy

    10 我國伊斯蘭教公益慈善要走現代化和專業化之路/左衛國

    China’s Islamic Philanthropy Should Follow the Way of Modernization and Specialization

    經學Study of the Islamic Classics

    13 古蘭學問答(一)/楊進波 整理

    Questions and Answers about Ulum al~Qur'an (I)

    16 信仰之中道(四)/安薩里著 馬正峰譯

    The Moderation of Belief( IV)

    20 新時代經典詮釋的視域與徑向/哈寶玉

    Vision and Path of Interpreting Religious Scriptures in the New Era



    Symbolic Meanings and Interactions of the Number 7 in Islam and Confucianism

    28 清真寺楹聯的中國化特質/何秀林

    Sinification of the Mosque Couplets


    31 全面呈現中國伊斯蘭教的經驗與智慧(下)

    ——牟鐘鑒先生訪談/敏俊卿 帕林達

    Display the Experience and Wisdom of Islam in China in an All-round Way: An Interview with Mr. Mou Zhongjian (II)


    36 深入推進“四進”清真寺活動的思考/韓積善

    Thoughts on Pushing the Campaign of “National Flag, Constitution and Law, Core Socialist Values and Excellent Traditional Culture Enter Mosque”

    38 寧夏伊斯蘭教解經工作的經驗與建議/寧夏伊斯蘭教協會課題組

    Experience and Advice on Islamic Scripture Explaining in Ningxia

    紀實·改革開放40周年Record of Events

    41 金牛道上的回族村鎮——彌牟鎮/敏俊卿 馬利強

    Mimu: A Hui Township on the Gold Ox Road

    鉤沉 Memories

    43 末科回族進士的殿試試卷及其宦海人生/蘇杰

    A Hui Scholar’s Exam Paper in the Last Highest Imperial Examination and His Official Career


    48 一名普通回族干部的不凡人生/李安輝 張俊

    A Common Hui Cadre’s Uncommon Life

    譯介 Translations

    51 二十世紀的阿拉伯語哲學研究:有關阿拉伯語哲學的史學論文(下)

    /德米特里·古塔斯(Dimitri Gutas) 著 熊至 譯

    The Study of Arabic Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: An Essay on the Historiography of Arabic Philosophy (II)

    域外 Overseas Stories

    57 中國造紙術的傳播與《古蘭經》印刷/穆衛賓

    Spread of China’s Paper-making Technology and the Printing of Qur’an

    60 中亞東干人的家庭倫理特征/魏梓秋

    Family Ethics of Central Asia’s Gonggan People

    文苑 Literary Garden

    63 紅葉串連的思絮/李佩倫

    A Mood Stringed with Red leaves

    68 無邊綠野,一條正路


    A Right Path in Boundless Green Field: A Review of Li Peilun’s Writings and Researches

    73 落日/夢羽


    悅讀Book Review

    74 回族人物研究的獨秀新葩——為《馬進祥將軍》序/馬賢

    A Unique Research on the Hui Historical Figure: Preface to General Ma Jinxiang

    77 了解絲綢之路交通變遷


    Understanding the Evolution of the Silk Road Traffic: A Review of The Lands of the Eastern Caliphate: Mesopotamia, Persia, and Central Asia from the Moslem Conquest to the Time of Timur