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    2018年 第三期

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    04 中國伊斯蘭教協會舉行“四進”清真寺活動啟動儀式/本刊記者

    China Islamic Association Holds the Launing Ceremony of “National Flag, Constitution and Law Enter Mosque”Campaign

    05 深深融入中華民族共有的精神家園/王作安

    Blend into the Joint Spiritual Home of the Chinese Nation

    07 堅持伊斯蘭教中國化方向要行穩致遠/楊發明

    Stick to Chinization of Islam Firmly and Constantly

    09 倡議書/中國伊斯蘭教協會

    A Proposal Initiated by China Islamic Association

    經學Study of the Islamic Classics

    11 信仰之中道(三)/安薩里著 馬正峰譯

    The Moderation of Belief(III)

    15 伊斯蘭教認知觀


    Islamic Cognition: Similarities and Differences Compared with “Learning from Seeing and Hearing” and “Learning from Morals” in Chinese Tradition

    17 《古蘭經》人文思想初探/馬占明

    The Humanistic Thought in the Holy Quran


    19 “一帶一路”倡議的深度內涵及其世界意義/賈烈英

    The Profound Connotations and Global Meanings of the Belt and Road Initiative

    22 “一帶一路”背景下踐行開放包容的伊斯蘭精神/陳靜

    Practice the Islamic Spirit of Openness and Inclusiveness in the Background of the Belt and Road



    Thoughts of Resisting Extremism in Sharh al-'Aqa'id a1-Nasafiyyah

    29 王岱輿著作與同時代伊斯蘭漢文譯著關系分析


    The Relation of Wang Daiyu and the Translated Islamic Works in Chinese in His Time: with Reference to His Shengmi Zhenyuan and Guizhen Zongyi


    35 全面呈現中國伊斯蘭教的經驗與智慧(上)

    ——牟鐘鑒先生訪談/敏俊卿 帕林達

    Display the Experience and Wisdom of Islam in China in an All-round Way: An Interview with Mr. Mou Zhongjian (I)

    紀實·改革開放40周年Record of Events

    40 古絲路上的回族村落——東、西蓮花村/敏俊卿馬利強

    The Hui Villages on the Silk Road: The East and West Lianhua Villages


    43 臨夏市東關清真寺“圣紀”宗教儀式考察/馬輝

    A Survey on the Religious Rites in the Prophet Mohamed’s Birth and Death Anniversary Honored in Dongguan Mosque Linxia City


    45 追憶愛國愛教的馬良驥阿訇/李健彪

    Memories of Ma Liangji: A Patriotic and Religious Imam

    譯介 Translations

    48 公正的天平(八)/安薩里著 王偉譯

    A Fair Scale (VIII)

    52 二十世紀的阿拉伯語哲學研究:有關阿拉伯語哲學的史學論文(上)

    /德米特里·古塔斯(Dimitri Gutas) 著 熊至 譯

    The Study of Arabic Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: An Essay on the Historiography of Arabic Philosophy (I)

    文苑 Literary Garden

    59 麥草堆里的村莊(外一篇)/冶生福

    A Village in the Wheat Stacks

    64 燉壺熬茶(創作談)/冶生福

    Boiling Tea: On Writing

    65 在晴空下注目人間煙火/蘇濤

    Gazing at the Life of Mortals under the Clear Sky

    68 五月的味道/韓雪莉

    The Taste of May

    域外 Overseas Stories

    71 塔里克·拉馬丹的伊斯蘭現代主義思想及其借鑒意義/鄧蘇寧

    Tariq Ramadan’s Islamic Modernist Thought and Its Contemporary Meanings

    悅讀Book Review

    74 伊斯蘭文明與儒家文明的會通

    ——《天方性理》英文版序言/納賽爾 著 王千怡 譯

    Solicitude in Convergence of Islamic Civilization and Confucian Civilization: Preface to the English Version of Liuzhi’s Tianfang Xingli

    77 一方水土一“坊”人


    A Community Shaped by the Land: An Anthropological View on The Record of the Xiaohecheng Mosque